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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Surprise... OW!

Fun in the sun, eh?!
So then, I haven't appeared here in a long time now. Quite a few things have changed in this time though. I bought a new laptop, got Photoshop CS5 and recently rekindled my photography but ... I am still loyal to my awesomely sexy Nokia 6233. I am decidedly changing the licenses on some of my photographs, comes along with studying a little bit of copyright. Just a little bit though. For instance, this photograph is clearly All Rights Reserved.

Oh! I took this today around 3 pm. I walked out of the library and I saw this kid sleeping in the sun on a gunny sack. I think he might belong to one of the constuction workers. He was really asleep. I mean asleep. I was close enough to risk waking him up, but luckily he didn't. Oh joy! I finally got my revival snap.

I also took this picture some time ago...

And as you can see, the license to apply to this would be the Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 2.5 India license (as given in the footer of my blog).
Now that I'm back... expect more snaps... soon.

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I had been wanting to start a photolog for quite some time, but I guess couldn't find the time or probably a decent camera. But then in August, 2008 I bought a 2 MP, Nokia 6233.

It was an all-in-one phone and the camera wasn't that bad. So then I went on a picture taking spree and finally decided to make this blog! The years went by and the Nokia 6233 became obsolete. Then I had the bright idea of buying a Nokia Asha 302. It had a 3.2 MP camera which I shall now pit against the almighty 6233.

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