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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Something about the clouds

Clouds and trees!

Clouds & trees - the most unimaginative title ever.

My second attempt at photographing clouds. I hope it turned out well. Yes, there is post-processing done on this photo and no, the sky wasn’t that colour when I took the photograph. The clouds changed shape and pattern yesterday, so I definitely had to take a photograph. Winter’s bidding us a sweet goodbye, making way for the pomp and show of spring. This winter has been the second coldest winter of my life so far. I’ve become tired of the bloody fog that’s everywhere smelling of ozone. My olfactory senses have been abused to the limit of tolerance! It’s all going away now, my first winter away from home is finally coming to a close. The clouds are changing…

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Freedom ?! One illusion or many ?

Freedom ?!

Freedom?! Is it what I have on my side of the bars ?

Yesterday was a rather eventful day. I got myself vaccinated against a rather mumps outbreak on campus, saw a rather good movie (Luck By Chance) with friends and took this awesome picture. This photo was Ms B’s idea. Now before babbling about freedom, how about some guesses as to what is beyond those bars ? I will reveal it later, either in updates or comments, but if you are really into spoilers then do click on the link.

Now it’s time to elaborate on freedom. Year 2009, we live in a so-called free world. But then again, I ask the oft repeated question: “Are we truly free ?” In just one day I realized that I am not. A tiny little virus can compromise my freedom, I had to have a needle puncture my skin and deliver some alien fluid in my body so that I could be safe. I could not watch the movie in peace because a couple of lovebirds were *doing* things to each other right in front of me (“Helping each other” – as one of my friends said). There are so many things I want to do, but I can’t because I don’t have the freedom or social sanction to do it. But I realised one thing at the theater. The couple in front were being “free”, but it made the people around them uncomfortable. I guess freedom is totally relative, eh?

We are all bound and gagged by the people around us, the places we live in and the families we are born into. Just as the person next to you inhibits your freedom, you do the same for that person as well. Just because of your presence he has to behave in a certain manner, talk in a certain manner etc. Ironical, isn’t it ? A world of people who are desirous of freedom are in truth the ones who are each other’s captors. Sometimes, humanity is just twisted!!

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