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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Subject City Beckons!

For some odd reason, I want to buy this place.

I want to buy this place

I'm back in my subject city, a.k.a. Patiala. I'm back three whole weeks before semester starts. Why? Well, lets see. I was pretty much jobless at home. I decided to breathe some life back into my dear old blog. I don't think I had lost my interest in photography, it was more like I got involved in the race to decorate my C.V. Aah, the joy of just walking around the city with my phone and waiting to find that next picture... Its hard to put in words. Today, I did just that. Yes sirs and madames, I went photo hunting today!! After being unable to find a decent subject, I decided to walk back to my hostel and on the way was this building. The first time I saw this building was in August, 2008 and the first thought in my head was that I wanted to own it. I don't really know what is it about this building, I just want to own it. One day, I'll return to Patiala and buy this place. I surely will.
Why did I come back three weeks before semester begins? This was just the place where I had to be. There was just someone I had to be with. I was jobless at home, I have work here. Pursuits, both academic and personal, fill my days. Among other things, I tried to click a bird taking a bath but the critter just flew away. And yes, I still lust after that Nikon D90.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

New beginnings and related stuff!

The Lanes of Life

The lanes of life...

I began this blog in January 2009. I worked on it for two months and then regrettably, I dumped it. I’m sorry blog! I’m sorry world! But hey, its a new year. Its January 2010 and I’m starting again. And yes, that rhymed. I hope that I can get back all my readers and fellow photography lovers! Now.. coming to this picture. It was cloudy that day and yes, it ended up raining. My friends and I were out hunting for an iPod Shuffle. I was sitting on a rickshaw when I smelled the moisture in the air. The breeze was a very welcome one, it cooled down a very hot Dharampura Bazar – a market in Patiala. Well, God smiled after that and it rained. I remember taking a walk with the drizzle through these very lanes with my friend. It was amazing. This picture was taken just before it started to rain…

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