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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

A Broken Mirror and Other Tales

I stretched comfortably in my bed, scratched my head and looked at the wall clock that had been given to me during my fresher's. It said that the time was 10:30 am. I sat up, albeit very slowly. It was Sunday, people, and I had full rights to sleep till 10 in the morning. So anyways, there were many things to do in this Sunday. I had made plans with some of my friends to go to this temple and then have lunch with them. Now this temple is a Laxmi-Narayan temple that can be found quite close to our hostels.

Laxmi-Narayan Temple at Patiala
Laxmi Narayan Temple - with some post-processing done in Photoshop

So this is the probably the best of the three pictures that I took of the temple. Other pictures include my friends so they are not going to be displayed on the WoRlD WiDe WeB. So, continuing the tale, we ran into a classmate of ours who was with her mother and they explained the mysterious appearance of the multitude of people from Kerela at a temple in Punjab. It so transpires that every year, on the second Sunday of January, all the people from Kerela, who reside at Patiala, gather at this particular temple and offer their prayers, conduct a puja and have a little buffet. So, we were introduced to the people who organized this annual community fest and were then later shown to the buffet area. Needless to say, the food was good and then we went to the temple, offered our prayers and then clicked some pictures and started walking back to the hostel.

So, Ms B, Ms G and Ms S were walking along with me to their hostel. Ms S was to my right and was chatting animatedly while walking. All of a sudden, a car passed by dangerously close to her and her elbow banged against the side mirror of the car. The mirror broke at the hinge and fell on the road with a loud clatter. Everyone was rather surprised when the asshole driving the car did not stop and went on driving like he was high or something. Okay, now two other things happened. Ms S said, 'Ha ha! I broke his mirror' and a couple of seconds later she grabbed her elbow and said, 'Ow, MY ELBOW!'
The second thing that happened was that a kid on a bicycle nicked the broken mirror just as I had the idea of keeping it as a souvenir. Well its not everyday that a car brushes against your elbow and ends up having its side mirror broken off the hinge! Don't worry though, Ms S is fine and does not have any injuries. I do doubt that its addled her brains though, she's been acting funny since that little incident.

Among other things: I helped get the hostel's wi-fi running by finding the source of the problem, I made a new profile picture in Photoshop, its a tribute to Dexter and well I've been nick-named dxtr so___ you get the point.
My new profile image!
Dee Dee to Dexter: “Ooh ooh, what does this button do ?”

Oh and as of Monday, my most mysterious classmate has finally joined the univ. Yes, Ms S.M has finally started attending classes as of the 12th of Jan, 2009. And if, by any freakish chance of fate, Ms. S.M happens to be reading this then I'd like to welcome her to the univ and hope that she understands the system faster than we ever could. Damn its late, right now its 12:30 am and its taken me over two hours to prep the images and write this. Why? Well, we were having a little Lohri party. So it's good-night to all for now.

PS - Note to self - stop listening to ghajini songs.

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