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Sunday, January 11, 2009

A Happy Man and a Lazy Bum

Happy Little Man Happy Little Man - taken at the Saras fair, 2008.

The time right now is exactly 11 pm or 2300 hrs, whichever you prefer. I’m sitting alone in my room, trying to find a case which has been dodging me for the last four days.  I’ve spent the last 1 hour looking for that one citation that can help me get started on my work.

It's 11:15 pm now! I spent 15 minutes just typing two lines ?! I stare at the heater for a couple of minutes, pushing my feet towards it and feeling the comforting warmth on them. On a whim, I decide to check out the temperature right now. Its 12 degrees right now, the minimum, as low as 7. I spot my quilt at the end of my bed. I spread the quilt and get comfortable.

Its 11:25 pm and I can hear the constable whistling outside. Its a rather odd system here in India. Around midnight a constable starts patrolling the streets and keeps on whistling as he patrols. I recall something akin to being fascinated with the whole patrolling-at-midnight thing as a kid. Its 11:28 pm now and I seriously should do something about that case. Now, where is that book on contracts ?!

Its 11:30 pm and I find the book. I look through the index and find a new citation for that case. Now what does PC stand for ? Oh yeah, its the Privy Council! Manupatra gives me nothing. I sigh, click on that link to Westlaw and type out the citation. Still nothing ! It begins to get on my nerves. Deep searching into Westlaw gives me nothing either! I sit and ponder for a minute. Let’s see. I got a traceable AIR citation from a lost IA citation. I think the day wasn’t all that bad. I guess the library will help me, if they have AIRs going back to 1924! I take one more look at the time. Its 11:55 pm. I guess its time to edit my mistakes and post this.

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