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Thursday, January 1, 2009

Dude, did you hear? MIT is being outsourced to India!

MIT Outsourced to India!!
MIT... outsourced?!! WTF!

"What the *censored*!"
Yeah, those wore the words that exploded out of my mouth when I saw this bus in front of me. I don't think anyone heard me though. It was probably because of the damn helmet! I was headed to receive my internship certificate and I found this on the road. Right in front of me, was a bright orange bus which had "MIT Bhubaneswar" featured on its posterior.
I kept on wondering for two minutes if the MIT had begun outsourcing itself or something. I mean, its not like we have some stunning blackjack card counters or something. So why was MIT here? The mystery was immediately cleared though. As soon as I overtook the bus, I read the words "MAHARAJA INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY" gleaming on its anterior. Oh holy cow! I was seeing Asia in action. Welcome to knock-off land people.

The local MIT people should have a tagline - "What's in a name, brah!"

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