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Wednesday, January 7, 2009


The most awesome advantage about having a camera in your cellphone is that you always have a camera where-ever you go! So this automatically ensures that you do not miss that moment when you could have gotten that interesting shot. Here is one of my "in-the-moment" photos -

Muddy Splash
Muddy Splash, isn't it?

This picture was taken during my mid-semester exams and it was after one of the first rains that I experienced in Patiala. So, its just after the torrential shower and I had to go out to get some notes photocopied (yeah those were Ms G's notes). So I walk out of my room wearing my slippers and my shorts because the whole ground floor was flooded with ankle high water. I walk to the main gate and well I was left staring at the road! The water in the road was knee high! Apparently this place has no drains. I wonder which genius built this place. Anyways, so here I was staring in disbelief at the road and this SUV went about splashing a ton of water everywhere and I just took out my phone and snapped this pic!

There are many such photos that I have taken since the day I bought this phone, but they usually have my friends either in embarrasing situations or doing stupid things, and I'd rather not put it on the internet without their permission. But here are some more photos that needed the phone to be with me and well tell me how they are.
Sulking Monkey!
Sulking Monkey - dunno why, but she just refused to give me a decent pose?!

I went on a random, unplanned trip with my friends to this canal nearby and well in such a case you normally don't carry a camera with you. My phone came in handy again when this monkey jumped down from a tree. Well I tried to take a picture with her (it's ?)face in the photo, but I guess she (it ?) was very shy, downright sulky. Guess I had to woo her to pose with food or something, but the point is I had never come across modelling monkeys with attitude before. Oh well, first time for everything, eh?
A Flag Flying High
The Flying Flag

Do tell me how the photos are!

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