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Monday, January 5, 2009

The journey back to the University

The girl on the train!
Made extensive use of Photoshop to get this "Old Photo" look. Click on the image for more info.

"... Its a thrilling tale and I wish to do it justice", said Albus Dumbledore to Harry Potter in the sixth book, The Half-Blood Prince. And starting off with that line must have gotten you wondering about the interesting-ness of my journey back to the university, but rest assured it wasn't that thrilling. In fact it was quite ordinary as journeys go, downright lame I might add, but I met some rather friendly co-passengers and had fun throughout. The point to be noted is that it was the second time that I was travelling in a train all on my own and this time I chose to ignore my grand-mother's warning about not talking to strangers. Yes, I actually stuck to it the last time and kept myself rather away from the other passengers. But I guess I decided to disobey her this time.

It was loads of fun just talking to them and spending time playing games. I actually learnt my first card game. Its a very interesting game called Bluff. Of course, there was a dark side. Every wannabe thrilling tale has a dark side! The dark side here was tons and tons of white, dense fog. Lately, the fog's been a menace causing trains and flights to be delayed and downright cancelled. Its never happened this extensively before. Its a never before seen problem and its a downright pain in the ass.

Damned fog
Bloody Fog

It was this stupid fog that delayed my train by about four hours. And even then it was quite a fun ride till New Delhi. I met some rather interesting and fun people, met some silent beauties and had a little hero moment of my own. Yeah, I kinda saved a baby from falling from the top berth. Caught the little girl just as she fell, I guess my reflexes were super charged just after having the shitty train food. Maybe that horrible tasting dal actually had some secret reflex chargers. Oh what the hell! I saved the baby, got my applause, had some fun and finally tumbled into my station. But the real fun started after I got into the bus to my final destination.

Yeah, I got into the wrong bus and I had to change busses midway. On top of that I ran-off without even buying a ticket. On the second bus, that I took from Rajpura to Patiala, things got interesting. A couple of drunks got into a fight. There was a lot of abusive language and some broken teeth. Finally managed to get down and got back to my hostel at around 11:45 pm. DESTINATION REACHED!

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